You're the one, the one I believe in
Never had a love so strong, all my faith resides in you
So I go to all the places where we used to be as one
I can hear you calling me

You're the one I always remember
You're the one the one for me
Eternal love but change came suddenly

I still can see you and I, I'm at your side
I, I still can feel you
Coz I'm there, on the other side

There's no one no one to replace you
You're the one that shines for me
Gotta go where no one else can go
I'm the one, the one that will follow
And I see a ray of light
You're my beacon in the night
I can feel, feel you coming
Gonna kiss the deadly sin
And I hear, hear you calling; now I'm answering

I, I still can see you

Come with me to the other side
Follow me to the other side