Teksty piosenek Devil Sold His Soul

Devil Sold His Soul

It Rains Down

I once thought that I would know the time just to give it up

You hold more than you think you do

But you're letting go the best thing you have

But you don't hold on

But you don't hold on

And breaking hold doesn't last

If all the times we let ithis drop

We didn't die just a little bit

The things we love the most

But you break once it settles down

You hurt, and you hate the thought of 'never again'

You said you wouldn't break

But you hold onto the light that's left

It rains down

But you take the chance

Or you just regret that you gave it up

So you just hold on

And I won't be able to let this die

I can't just forget this moment in my life

And I won't be made to lose the light

I don't want to forget, to live with regret

Lost; you couldn't change how the morals fail

You couldn't change how we fall

How we fall

I hate to be the one to watch if we fade away