For the ones that reach out not to fall
It will tear them apart to know how the light fades
We'll lose our grasp
But the worthless are saved
The reasons crumble to the floor
ash to ash, dust to dust
No perspective on life
We lose our grasp, we lose our grasp
Just hanging by a thread
we'll take our chances
Even though I'm a wreck I'll keep on fighting until the end
I cannot say a word
I am left breathless
How can we live when knowing we lose the ones that we love?
Walking the divided lines that lead us through
They cross through our hearts
Life is so cruel when it knocks us down
I don't see what you live for
You are taking the best part of your life and just throwing it away
I don't think that you're drifting apart
I don't think I've been hiding away
There's something to live for

There's no promises kept
Dig deeper into our hearts
The loss is hard, the truth is sharper
Sorrow breaks down the highest star
It moves our lives, it makes us stronger
Dig deeper into our hearts
The loss is hard, the truth is sharper
I don't care if the odds are bleak
You take the chance or live in remorse

You're breaking off; the pain is too much
You're hidng the fragile parts of your life
There's no shame in sharing your pain
We all hide the fragile parts of our lives

SORROW LIVES inside our hearts
SORROW BREAKS the depths of our weakened souls.