Taking back what we couldn't see
through the smoke as the edges fall
But we never have a clear route to choose
and now we have only one
Broken light filters through the cracks
It's all the future has ever offered us
But we don't need faith
as we fall from the sun we collide

All paths lead to the grave
This won't be the end
We're stuck in this lonely abyss
where's the other side?
And we don't hold back
as we push through the waves and the seas
Never good enough for them
It was never as hard for them all
But if only we could push through these waves
We fall from the sun, we collide

Fate fortunes the brave
the harder you fight; less to regret
Hopeless and shaking; take my hand

You don't take sides
it's frozen; a lasting abyss
The winds pull down a faultless clear sky
You can't take the glow and beauty away
The direction is ablaze
You don't take sides
it's frozen; a lasting abyss
With the clarity of moments passed
We can take the mountains as they come
Take my hand

Fate holds fortune for the brave