On & On & On

"The beat" "Goes!" - "The beat-beat" "Goes!"

"The beat" "Goes!" - "The beat-beat" "Goes!"

"The beat-beat" "Goes!" - "The beat" "Goes!"

"The beat" "Goes!" - "And the beat" "Goes!"

Well it's the dip monk (?) execute parachute

(?) this Gipp man, lovin that orange brother

Make you stay up all night, make ya eyes puffy

Eyes wide like the back wheel of a Huffy

Could never be ya cousin brother, rather be a relative

In ya (?) seat-painted we could settle it

DF the Family, below they still sellin it

Knickerbocker socker on the weekend type fella

Black crow nest don't buck back

Love jokes, getcha ass jacked, put the bullets in his dick

Another comin for the excaliber hit

That shit, who the next gon' dip with this?

And the beat goes,

On and on and on and on and on and on and on and on

and on and on and on and on and on and on and on

"And the beat" "Goes!"

In the middle of the ghetto, the rhythem of the rebel takin over

Crappy clubs and burros

You'll try to censor it and stop it

But we still won't settle, Pinnochio and Gepetto

They tellin lies to my fellow Americans

Besides the heroines and heros, dope fiends and zeros

The Dungeon Family steady jammin as the beat goes

We know famili that the Dirty ain't no equal

My name is B-I-G and keep me to a tree hoes

White Gutz, white wall ties, and white name

With so much love why do we need hate?

Cuz everybody played it fool, we bouncin in ya place

Gotta grind till he give me yo' shine, you shake and bake like

Even when a G be bustin, ice-cold crushin

Ladies be touchin, and the club be rushin

For the stage, bitches see a second page in this chapter

See me to the fullest cuz I'm more than just a rapper

Slash actor - and producer on the news sir

Pimp or breeder, strong house leader

The game get deeper, sweeper, Yamaha creeper

DF each a rider, like a wood driver

With 'em on the court I'm hittin jumpers outside-a

Southwest rider, deep like a diver, +Rich+ like Pryor

Ain't no higher!

Witchdoctor come wit it!

I'm your words from your heart beat skip

Hit me, I'm workin off my hip

And I keep a box of extra clips

Cuz haterism is a trip

And I come out the +blue+ like a Crip

And believe me asses'll get whipped

Georgia's biggest mess

My new bone gon' drink milk from his momma's breast

Fielders of this stress

It was the music that took you

Put you in a pot and cooked you

If this was (?) I'd cook you...

It's so gritty

Mayside gladiator, blue and gold raider

Northwest alumini dwellin in Decatur

Skin ya like a gator, bust yo' head like a baked potato

I can't stand on purpose tellin you didn't know yo' poppa

Now I hate her, so "Kiss the Game Goodbye" like Jada

We comin up like escalators

And if you say you the best then we ten times greater!

Candy-ass and seeds melt away like Now-and-Laters!

Erase yo' data! With this nigga chaser!

And if I have to, I'll hitchu with the maser!

[scratching to fade]